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After you’ve been through a long, overwhelming process of recording, mastering, and finally getting your CD, there awaits another process to publish your work and that is the design of your record. You are probably an artist yourself and you want to impress and stand out with your work, but also, the look should be delivering the same message as your record.

These and many more concerns we try to convey into your end-product, while designing you CD cover, booklet, and CD plaque Design. And for those, who want to go a step further, we create a packaging, that stand out for itself. Please check our Package Design to read more about this.

If you're on the other hand looking for online solutions, we will pitch in an extra discount. Contact us and we will tell you more about it.

If you would like to receive a suggestion for recording studios, recording and mastering or an offer for printing and shipping, please contact us.

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parallax background


We craft design, that is solely made out of a strong Cardboard and doesn't include any plastic wrapping, but it is at the same time attractive and it surprises. Please Contact us for more information and design options.