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A website is a great foundation for a personal presentation, presentation of a business, service or brand. It is designed based on the logo and other aspects of corporate identity and corporate design.

The following aspects are considered when designing a website: what content your (future) website will contain, who the content is intended for (target audience), highlighted advantages compared to the competition, and why exactly this content is necessary and good.


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Administrator access is access to your website as an administrator. There can be several roles and they are assigned depending on the status of the work and the authorization rights you want to assign to the user.

In this case, we are not talking about the user-visitor of your website, but about the user-editor who will access the back-end of your website. He can play the role of administrator, editor, author, contributor, manager...

You will also be able to add roles to user-visitors, who will be able to occupy roles such as subscriber, customer, ...

For administrator access, you will receive access data with a username and password. Protect your information carefully and never share your password with others.

E-CREATE will never ask you for a username or password.

Similar to a gallery of images or video content, we can also prepare an audio gallery of your recordings for you. The latter comes in especially handy if you publish audio books, want to present your music, or lend your voice as a service.

Sometimes it is necessary to enter a lot of information on the website, either in the form of a contact database or even a gallery of small and numerous products.

This is where we come in, helping you prepare a suitable format and principle of data entry. We then adapt your existing databases quickly and easily and enter all the data in one step.

This kind of work requires some preparation, but in the end it saves time-consuming manual entry and a lot of time.

Do you want to write your story over time and record your lessons, exploits, successes, failures and other experiences ...? A website in the form of a blog is suitable for you.

Many will be able to respond to your writing with their comments and opinions.

Please contact us for an offer.

If you want to share your availability with others and enable users to make reservations online, we have prepared a practical and intuitive tool for you.

In addition to the calendar, it is possible to display the available hours when you offer your various services, and the add-on is also practical for use by accommodation providers.

You can present your photos, offer or testimonials on the page in the form of a carousel. In this way, the presentation will be more attractive and transparent and, as a result, may attract the user to use your content more often.

Cover photo is a photo or a puzzle of graphic elements that represents the cover of designed page.

Contact Data is the website owner's contact information. It may only represent contact information as set forth below:

  • first and last name, company or brand name,
  • address, postal code, post office, region, country,
  • telephone number, mobile number, fax number,
  • email address, web address,
  • bank details and address, such as IBAN, BIC, bank name, bank address,
  • tax number of an individual or company, number of a registered organization.

If you are not sure whether the information you want to provide within the offer fits within the contact information, please contact us.

Contact Data is not the same option as Contact Form.

You can decide for yourself if you'd like to advertise an email address, a phone number or any other contact data on your Website. It can be shown under Contact tab, above header or within Footer… But if you want your visitors to contact you without you having to reveal your data, you can decide for a Contact Form.

Contact forms is good for numerous reasons. It let you get messages from visitors without revealing your email address to spammers. You can dictate which information you want from the user wile contacting you. At the time of your telephone unavailability, the user may choose to write to you instead of callng another provider. You can build your marketing list ...

Sometimes it is very important to copy the data correctly and accurately, for example, when it comes to long numbers that contain either many similar characters, such as:

IBAN: LT10235000000000099,

or many very diverse characters, such as:

a complex password: Kx5yq_!gU7i{.f4m.

At that time, it is convenient if we have the Copy Paste button at our disposal, which we simply click on and by clicking save the data for further copying.

Website begins with carefully -and usually related to logo- chosen name of your URL address, called a Domain Name. An URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator and it does exactly what it says, it locates your resource which is your Website. You type an URL address into an URL search box of your favourite browser which then connects you to the desired address.

After you have chosen your Domain Name you need to check if it is free to purchase it. Prices for Domain Names vary around 10 - 20 EUR, but you might also purchase a Domain Name, that was already bought, used or resold. In these scenarios the domain name can cost you up to 10K EUR or even more. In case of a used domain name, be careful that it was not used for frauds.

You can let us know, what type of business you are in and we can help you choose your domain name, check to see if it is free to purchase and buy it for you.

A designed page is a page of the length of one screen, which contains different elements depending on the offer and/or the package.

To boost your business' credibility, A custom domain email address is recommended. It helps you create a professional image. While Gmail and Yahoo are perfectly fine for personal emails, any business that is using those services can come off as unprofessional.

Within your domain, you can obtain several e-mail addresses that already separate the names of your services, the purpose and duties of both employees and services. Such examples are INFO@YOUR.DOMAIN, OFFICE@YOUR.DOMAIN, NEWSLETTER@YOUR.DOMAIN etc.

Most of us send emails as part of advertising, and these are also used as a form of support to our customers, subscribers, users, buyers ... When observing the annual business, we often notice that our messages are repetitive, include recurring offers, paragraphs and calls. You can make your work easier by preparing message templates, which you copy and adapt only where necessary.

However, as this work is time consuming, we at E-CREATE decided to help with darkness. On the web pages of your landing site, we prepare transparent message addresses for you, and inside the text, which you can easily transfer to your communication, along with all the definitions, such as font type and size, as well as images. That way, you don't have to worry about mistakes, and your messages reflect your corporate image.

If you would like to receive a personal offer for your Email Templates, please contact us at INFO@E-CREATE.EU.

If you already have a Website, but you are not sure, if it needs changes or you might lack the idea, how exactly would it benefit you to change it, we can evaluate it.

The purpose of the evaluation of your website is

  1. a) to offer an assessment of appearance and suggest any necessary changes in relation to the overall graphic image,
  2. b) to explain an SEO and other factual information and advise on possible improvements, but also
  3. c) to find cooperation with developers who would need such services on a regular basis.

For Evaluation Services of your Website, please contact us at INFO@E-CREATE.EU.

To avoid too much text on yur Website for a user to read and have enough of it for Google robots to crawl on, we will integrate an Extended Text option. It will disable parts of text to be seen. For those users who like to read the details and are interested in whole article the option will provide to accsess it with one click.

This way your website will look clean and not text-crowded, while Google engines will work in the back and have enough text for your Website to be ranked higher in a browser.

Gallery is a wonderful way to display your photo or video content. You can show your portfolio or a general impression of the place, services, events, all gathered in one place. Transparent and efficient.

Beside Terms and Conditions your Website requires General Data Privacy Regulation, known as GDPR or Privacy Policy. When we build your Website, we make sure, you receive extra pages for you to integrate all the necessary data.

Please remember, we don't write the legal text, but if you don't have it, we gather the offers and present the best one for our customers or send you the right way.

With E-CREATE, you can choose for a) designing your website with the open-source WordPress system or b) manual design, where a designer and a developer work together.

Within WordPress we offer you to choose from many beautiful Templates or you can trust us to built one for you, the kind we consider it will fit your needs. Together we decide about the final outlook, discuss the details and so the building of your Website begins.

Within manual design a designer designs your Website pages in Adobe® XD and upon your agreement the developer builds them. Before starting work, the client, developer, and designer discuss in detail the needs of the Website, determine the details of individual subsites. A grid is formed on the part of the designer, based on which the construction of the Website begins.

In both cases we suggest targeting the right audience from the visual point of view with the usage of correct, sharp, large enough images and icons, that help users to navigate through page. User needs to find contact and other information fast, so we keep your content clear and remove the unnecessary information.

Keep in mind your visitors will want to have information fast at hand, but also, the Website should look attractive.

After you bought a Domain Name, you need to park it somewhere. It needs a home and the space where it will stay is called hosting.

If you bought a Domain Name and you still haven't got a hosting provider, we recommend you decide for one as soon as possible, start building a website and introduce it to the world wide web. After all, it is money you're losing everyday by not doing so.

Depending on your needs, we will advise you on how much space you need. This will depend on what kind of website you will build later, what features it will contain, how extensive it will be ...

If you want to build a website by yourself, we invite you to choose one of our Hosting Packages. We offer

maintained WordPress hosting with


  • 512 MB,
  • 1024 MB,
  • 2048 MB,
  • 3072 MB,
  • 4096 MB and
  • 5120 MB.

We offer a set of icons of your choice. You will be able to choose from icons from our library and we will place the selected icons on your website.

Icons are a great and easy way to quickly display different services of your offer, for guidance and presentation.

The menu structure can have several levels, which means that in depth we find more information below the main menus and (usually, but not necessarily) several pages as a result.

The menu structure helps the user to follow the information on the website more easily, especially if it has a lot of content. We suggest that you think carefully about the menu structure of your website, as this will be the basic design information. You can choose between 1-lever, 2-level or more complex menu structure. Your website can even have more than one menu.

If you need help creating a menu structure, we can help you built it. Tell us what you offer, represent or communicate, who your target audience is and what your message is.

You can choose individual services from our offer, and we will create intuitive menu structure and designed beautiful and transparent website.

The Meta Pixel (formerly Facebook pixel) is a piece of code that we place on your website to collect data. This  helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads more.

Multiple languages on your Website are helping your client to understand your presentation better in their own language. For this function we can provide you a bilingual site whitin which user can change the languange with just a click of a button.

Having problems with translation? Not a problem. Write to TRANSLATE@E-CREAT.EU and receive offers for different languages from different translating agencies. Some even provide a "native speaker check-up". You are welcome to contact us for more information.

A newsletter is a great way to inform your clientele about the news of your company or your services. By keeping them up to date, you keep in touch with customers and at the same time inform them about discounts or promotions. Keep in mind that sending Newsletter too often leads to unsubscribing, so advertise accordingly and help you subscriber with useful information.

However, if used properly, it can spread the word about your activities. In the last decade, e-marketing has proven to be significantly more successful than social media marketing.

If you want some extra effects, we can offer you a WP based Plugin for Parallax effect or simple CSS animations. Your page will be WordPress based and you will receive an Admin access. This way you can always change texts and pictures on your own, if you want to.

A picture says more than 1000 words, the saying goes and every year we see more and more visual material that in one way or another represents service variations, brings messages and fills our social networks.

Even on your website, visual material is extremely important, much more than text, which is read mainly by robots and less and less by humans.

The input of image material is not only the selection of a suitable photo that will correctly reflect the reporting of your website, but also the processing. The latter presents suitable sections of the photo so that it will be displayed properly both on desktop computers and on the smallest mobile devices.

In all of this, of course, we also take care of a suitable color environment.

If you have ordered a WEBSITE package that includes the PICTURE ENTRY, we will, in accordance with the offer, upload the mentioned files to your website. Please be careful not to exceed the offer with the number of photos.

We will create your site modern and responsive to all of the apparatus to read (desktop, mobile, pad, ...) and design your Website according to latest design standards.

Resizing images and adapting fonts are not the only steps when considering responsivness. If your Website is static, you might consider to re-code definign the default zoom, set fluid image widths and heights, implementing breakpoints, designing a mobile menu and more.

Adaptive design and a mobile-frienldy website is also something you would like to take into account when considering responsive design of your Website.

World Wide Web is becoming a crowded place and to make a mark, you need targeted marketing. That is why we take care that your chunks of texts, pictures and other graphic objects are marked and named correctly in the backend of your Website. Beside Alt Tags and Meta Tags, we name the uploaded files and add much needed Descriptions. This way your Website can be targeted when your potential clients search for it.

Google Search Engines then position your Website accordingly and measure it's organic - "natural" or unorganic -"payed for" position in browser. It is important that optimisation is well done, otherwise the visitors may not find what they are searching for. This way they navigate away from your site, so not only the Website didn't attract your targeted audience, but also made you damage: Google Search Engines will calculate this actions and your Website will be positioned lower as a search result.

We offer a basic SEO or we hire an outside professional, who will really dig into the code of your website. To make sure this action is needed, we provide a Grading System of your website to evaluate the quality of your SEO beforehand.

Order our Evaluation Services at INFO@E-CREATE.EU.

Your Internet site is to be secured and protected with a SSL certificate. The result of it is very simple, your Website will then contains HTTPS instead of HTTP, and a Lock before your Domain Name in the URL Search Browser Window. This way your site will work against intrusion and protect your visitors' data protection, which will also be GDPR compliant.





We suggest you to be responsible and lock your site the same way you would lock your home.

We take care of social networks on several levels:

  1. on the website, we arrange links from your website to social networks that are visible to the user (If you have ordered a WEBSITE package, we will, in accordance with the offer, automatically ake care of the linking for you.),
  2. arrange links from your site within the code to social networks that are not visible to the user but are needed to collect data that tracks conversions, optimises ads, build a targeted audience for future advertising and re-market to people who have already taken action on your website (If you have ordered a WEBSITE package, that includes p.e. Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics, we will, in accordance with the offer, automatically take care of this kind of coding for you. For any nedeed access or data to fulfill these steps, we will contact you during the process.),
  3. we design ads in terms of graphic design and export them in appropriate sizes with respect to KB and pixels and
  4. we open networks for you and design ads in terms of text posts, along with images, whether designed or received, with links to key content, emoticons, and tracking to other networks that are important to you.

If you would like to receive a personal offer for your Website, please contact us at INFO@E-CREATE.EU.

You can read more about 3. and 4. at E-CREATE.EU/OFFER-SOCIAL-MEDIA.

Service description is a description that represents clients services, services of the company or individual or business presentation. Description helps user to understand what or who the Website represents and what kind of information might he or she find on it.

The system icons on the website mainly represent different ways of contacting. These are Email, Telephone, Mobile phone, Website, Email, Social networks, ...

If you have ordered a WEBSITE package that includes SYSTEM ICONS, we will, in accordance with the offer, activate the selected icons on your website.

It is important to enter a sufficient number of words on your website, so we recommend that you write the texts carefully. At E-CREATE, we will then enter them in sets on the website in such a way that they are easily accessible to the reader and that he or she will read them without any problems. This is influenced by the type and size of the selected font, the layout, as well as the appropriate amount of text in each set.

Website also requires Cookies for the Website to function, these are the so called Necessary Cookies. But they can be designed by measurements of your corporate design and mostly, we take care about their functionality. Cookies are also a part of your GDPR, so we make sure, they are linked to them and that user have an option to decide to which ones he or she agrees to.

Your logo represents the basic of your corporate identity and as such, should be included into your website. There are approximately 10 different files needed to present various aspects of your website with a logo, such as Site Icon, Favicon, Mobile Logo, Retina Logo, Facebook Share Image, Apple Touch Icon, Sticky Header and more. You can see it while surfing the world wide web, in browsers, in URL search bar, on tabs and more.

Image 2

Image 3

For these and other needs of your logo in different color variations and sizes, we have prepared the WEBSITE LOGO package. You can read more at HTTPS://E-CREATE.EU/OFFER-LOGO, where you can also download a sample package to your computer before ordering.

If you have ordered a WEBSITE package that includes the WEBSITE LOGO PACKAGE, we will, in accordance with the offer, upload the mentioned files to your website.

Building and maintaining that website should be more than just a one-time business transaction. Your website is a digital storefront. It is the way you connect with your clients and leads. Web support can help with updating and maintenance, making changes to your website, and keeping up with the details.

We will keep your copy of the Website just in case something goes wrong. We will make small changes like adding pictures and texts for you, beside taking care of latest version of your WordPress, Templates, Plugins and more. Afterall your business and clients' needs change over time and this way we have your back.

As part of our WEBSITE DESIGN, we also offer options below

  • I-FRAME,
  • YOUTUBE VIDEO and much more.

These options and many more we have already integrated in websites for our customers.

For additional services, please contact us.