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Presentation of your selected products can be gathered in a catalog, or you may need a booklet for the next festival.

For many years, we have been preparing various formats and prepress for these purposes. When creating a Catalogue, Booklet, Brochure or Book Design it is always good to know the number of pages beforehand. This helps with the following decisions about the format, paper and binding choice your end-product is about to include. Remember the paper will be usually folded in half and as such it has four sites, so always multiply by 4 when deciding about amount of pages ( 4, 8, 12, 16, … ).


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Competition Introductory Booklet International Piano Competition Janez Maticic
CD Booklet Temsig Competition 2018
Presentation Booklet Light–Christals
Product Catalog Glass Fences by Zorko Glassworks

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We can design any given format, but the minimum size for a catalogue is normally 16 pages (cover included). Keep in mind, some empty pages always give the right feel (chapters, sections) and with bigger catalogues, books or brochures, price won’t be of a great difference

Designer can help you with indexing your pages and give your content a better perspective. Simplicity and and transparency are key, especially when the projects are big and the content is torn to smaller sections.


It is also a good practice to choose a design template your designer creates before he starts with his work on which the catalogue or booklet will be based on. This is the right time to decide about the colours, selected typefaces and some general feel.

To spare you some money, we strongly recommend you prepare your text and the rest of the content beforehand. This way the designer will focus on the layout and design and unnecessary extra hours for correcting text and changing photos won’t take place. This is also important for the amount of time, the designer will spend on the project and focus his mind on the end product and it’s aesthetically pleasing feel instead of on corrections.


At the end of the project you will receive end-product before prepress and you will have the opportunity (2 revisions) to correct any mistakes made on your or designers end. Keep in mind we are all humans and we advise more people take a good look at your catalogue, especially if it’s a bigger project. We all wish to avoid extra costs and at this point we’d like to remind you there are some companies that offer print insurance. At E-CREATE we have our orders insured, but never the less, our goal is to meet the delivery deadlines.

After you confirm that you’re satisfied with your end-product, a designer can organise your print and delivery. Sometimes the printer does another Prepress to see if everything is as it should be and warn the designer about the corrections needed. This step normally doesn’t concern the client, but there can be exceptions. In this case designer will contact you with additional questions or ask you for permission to change something. But nothing to be worry about, these are the common procedures and you will receive your product as desired. We recommend you stay patient and calm and mostly that you don’t pressure the designer or printer and you lay your trust into their hands. This way, they will do their job with accuracy and due diligence without unneeded pressure which may result in mistakes.

Regardless if you decided to organise a print through the designer or you went directly to your desired printer by yourself, you can always ask for delivery options. Many provide it as a part of an offer and you want have a lot of extra costs and with big orders you might even get it free of charge.

Afterwards be aware that everybody who worked on a project put a great amount of their, not only business time, but also their personal energy and input into this, now end-product. Even if there were some wrong turns on the way, keep in mind, we are all humans and you never know, when you might work together again. Be kind and give them your opinion, a constructive criticism if you will, but mostly, thank them.

If you would like to receive an offer for printing and shipping, please notify us while contacting us.

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Booklets, Brochures or Catalogues can have 8, 12, 16, 20, ... pages. The folded sheet has 4 sites, so the number of sites has to be divided with 4.

You can choose between

  • Saddle Stitching,
  • Perfect Binding,
  • PUR Perfect Binding,
  • Square Back Binding,
  • Spiral Binding, also known as Coil Binding or
  • Wire-O Binding®.

Our research shows the most common binding is a Saddle Stitching with stapling and is recommended for Catalogues that include up to 64 pages. For catalogues or books with more pages we recommend Spiral Binding or Perfect Binding.