On Jan 30, 2020 only Facebook itself had 2.5 billion users and it's daughter-product and users' screen-time-competitor Instagram is somewhat behind with 1 billion users on a monthly basis. That being said, Social Media became one of the strongest fields of todays marketing. As pro ECO- and BIO- Solutions, we are happy to spread the word, it has finally overcome the press in 2019.

And how do we contribute? For Facebook, Instagram, and other networks, such as Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, Xing and more, we prepared a package called SOCIAL MEDIA. It includes the correct file-sizes for each network. It's important to notice every social media network changes their file-sizes every year and to help you upload your brand-, business- or personal- profile image and cover photo, we are giving away the package for a reasonable and affordable price.

It's worth mentioning Social Media Package includes over 100 files, among other Email signature, Banners, Newsletter Design and more. We hereby urge that the print is no longer in the first place nor necessary for advertising purposes.

Secondly, we decided in 2020 that we will upgrade your Social Media Package for free in the following year, if you decide to re-upload a newer version of your logo and adjust the sizes. If you already have our Social Media Package, we recommend you use this opportunity and contact us. Subject FREE UPGRADE.




Further on, we considered a great amount of time, you spend on social media for marketing purposes and build another package SOCIAL AD in which we offer to do the needed marketing instead of you. We create your social media network profiles, and also carefully prepare names of your networks, connect them with other social networks, groups, and your target-group-individuals.

But mostly, we prepare strategic plan of your marketing and build Social Media Ads for the future months according to your desire. This way they coincide with your business plans and you can focus on your regular business priorities.


Social Media have recommended sizes and each have their own size. If you upload one size of an image to all Social Media Networks, Profile Images and Cover Photos might be in some cases cut of or even skewed. For these reasons we prepared a package which includes the right sizes for all networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Xing, Google Business, LinkedIn, Behance and Twitter).

Yes, we added another sub-package SOCIAL ADS with the help of our Social Media Manager, who will take care of your ads and build a strong marketing strategy for you. This way, you’ll receive quality marketing supported with a professionally prepared visual files from our designer. Please contact us for custom made offer.