Last updated: January 12, 2017

Logo Usage Guidelines for E-CREATE Terms and Conditions

Thank you for using the E-CREATE logo for your Terms and Conditions. Please follow these guidelines to ensure the proper and respectful use of our logo:

1. Logo Copy:

Only use the official E-CREATE logo provided by E-CREATE. Do not alter, modify, or recreate the logo in any way.

2. Logo Positioning:

Place the E-CREATE logo in a prominent, easily visible location within your Terms and Conditions document. It should be clearly identifiable but should not overshadow the content.

3. Size and Proportion:

Maintain the original size and proportion of the logo. Do not stretch, compress, or resize it in a way that distorts its dimensions.

4. Background Contrast:

Ensure that there is sufficient contrast between the logo and the background to maintain legibility and visibility.

5. Colors:

The E-CREATE logo should always appear in its original colors, as provided by E-CREATE. Do not change the color of the logo.

6. Clear Space:

Leave a clear space around the logo to prevent it from being crowded by other text or graphics. The minimum clear space should be equal to the height of the "E" in the logo.

7. Do Not Combine with Other Elements:

Do not merge or integrate the E-CREATE logo with any other symbols, images, or text. It should stand alone as a distinct entity.

8. No Modifications:

Do not add any additional text, slogans, or graphical elements to the logo.

9. Unauthorized Use:

The E-CREATE logo is for use exclusively in promoting E-CREATE and its services. It should not be used for any other purpose without prior written consent from E-CREATE.

10. Copying and Redistribution:

It is strictly prohibited to copy, reproduce, or redistribute the E-CREATE logo without authorization.

By following these guidelines, you ensure that you are using the E-CREATE logo in a respectful and compliant manner. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact E-CREATE's branding department for clarification and approval.

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