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Adobe® Illustrator® Quiz

Adobe Quiz helps us increase our knowledge to work with Illustrator®.

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A shortcut for Type Tool is?

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What is the shortcut for Scisors Tool?

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We want to draw a circle, a rectangle and a wave using the Ellipse Tool, the Rectangle Tool and the Pen Tool. Which shortcuts will we choose?

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We ran out of pages while making the book, so we want to add another Artboard. Where can we find a Panel to add Artboards?

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We added three borders to the drawn circle, which we see in our Apperance Panel window. Why is the green border not visible?

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During work, we lost some tool panels by closing them, so we want to reset our interface which is set to "Painting". We will click on the icon in the far upper right corner and select

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Shortcut to use Line Segment Tool is

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When creating a new document, we have among others the following options:

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We would like to draw a character and add a border to it. What is the name of the tool used to determine the color its border?

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We want to draw a triangle, for which we will use the Star Tool, and then with the Eraser Tool we will remove all unnecessary arms so that only one arm remains. What is the shortcut for the Eraser Tool?

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Insert text into the window or specific area using the following tool:

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We would like to make outlines from our font. Which will be the right way to achieve this objective?

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When we create a new document, we have to click on the button in order to arrange the space between the Artboards. The button says:
Adobe® Illustrator® Creating a New Document

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We want to combine the objects in such a way that a single object will be created from several objects. Which tool will we use?

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We have prepared several work boards and various design objects on them. We want to export them at once in SVG and PNG formats. What will be the right way to export these files?

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What does CMYK abbreviation stand for?

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We have painted the object and want to change the color. What is the name of the window in which we define the color?

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We want to change the color environment from RGB to CMYK. What will be the best way to achieve that?

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After finishing drawing the objects, we want to horizontally arrange them evenly on our work board. Which option will we use?

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We want to draw exact same color from an object and apply it to our second object. What options can we use? Multiple answers possible.

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