4P is an offer of selected professionals who take care of the richness of their experience and pass it on to their clientele with a sense of fellow human being.

Depending on the needs of the project, E-CREATE assembles a team consisting of professionals in their fields and thus ensures their quality and flexibility.

This time, the 4P Team features a make-up artist, stylist, photo model and photographer.



"Again I'm taking pictures for someone else's purposes ... Click, click ... but I'm still thinking about how to even position myself."

We are not all relaxed in front of the camera. But not to worry! There is a team of four professionals available for you, who will show you simple tricks and get the best out of you. All for the common goal: to receive a photo that you will be happy with.

Opt for a 30 minute pampering that includes:

  • professional make-up,
  • top styling,
  • tips from an experienced photomodel and
  • photosession.

Photo processing and delivery are included.


An experienced make-up artist takes care of a more beautiful photo, enriching your appearance with make-up and emphasizing your photogenic qualities.

During make-up, make-up artist takes into account your wishes and possible allergies to make-up, advises on foundation, colors, the quality of cosmetics, as well as on make-up use in the future.

Last but not least, it makes you feel good for the photo shoot and instills confidence in your aesthetic self-image.

After all, photogenicity comes from your good inner feeling, when you feel best in front of the camera, and especially when you are your best self.


With many years of experience, your look is tackled by a top stylist who arranges your look, completes the details and emphasizes the qualities of your body lines.

During styling, stylist takes into account your taste, rolls up your sleeves in the latest fashion, advises not only on clothing, but also on the choice of colors and brands for the future.

Last but not least, stylist adds, — with your consent, of course — any necessary stylistic accessories needed and helps you express your appearance in the best light possible.


When it comes to photography, it's not just the look that matters. Posing has become a part of individual's everyday life, simply by using a mobile phone. We all practice close-up photography, look for our best expression and hunt for our best photo moments. Sometimes we even turn to photo modeling websites for advice.

But what if you had a photo model available for a photo session that would give you first-hand advice?

At 4P, we made sure that was possible. Considering the body as a means of expression of photography, the renowned photo model from her own many years of experience will advise you on how your body looks best in photography, how to stand, where to look, as well as what to never do.


You are now ready to be photographed.

Despite all the instructions received so far, a professional photographer guides and accompanies you through the process of the photo session.

Photographer helps you relax in front of the camera and directs your gaze as well as your body. With useful instructions, she takes you through all the poses of your chosen package, so that in the end you will get a professional layout of your facial and body expression in the photograph.

In a relaxed atmosphere, she will take you into the world of photography and try to conjure up the feeling that you also can indeed be a photo model.

After the photo session, she will process your best photos and prepare other photo versions: black and white, sepia, soft night filtered ...

In the comfort of your home, you will then receive photos via the website or via email, and the 4P Team will be always happy to hear from you again.