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Interactive Modular Painting

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HangIt is an interactive modular painting suitable for business and living spaces, which allows the user to quickly and easily change the final look. It consists of two components, a base and images attached to it, which can be rotated and modified. Each individual part thus represents an independent image, and the parts on the basis form a larger one. Because the image is modular, the user can also specify the size of the final installation.

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Since the purpose of the product is also to maintain culture and visual communications and that the final look provides a diverse taste of the individual, the user has the option of ordering a variety of images, as well as printed graphics. Storing and using additional new images offers an opportunity to reuse and extend its durability. Hangit offers the possibility of installation from any number of images, any color combinations and thus a diverse number of dimensions.


The Hangit is made of a dezinfected, sanded and acrylic-painted wooden table top. Original table is made out of recycled wood chips fused together. The installation of paintings is made from shelves cut on 20 x 20 cm. Technique used are acrylic and mixed media on wood.


This ECO product made of wood is the source of discarded, no longer usable or desirable furniture. The product thus helps to prolong the use of the raw material, ie wood, which would otherwise be discarded and useless. It is a disinfected and sanded product on which natural acrylic paints are applied, and with the help of magnets it enables an easy and permanent way of hanging. As degradable in nature and recycled product, it contributes to waste reduction and water footprint.

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Individual paintings are 20 x 20 x 2 cm in size. The functionality of the product is demonstrated mainly in rooms that have walls of non-classical dimensions or angles. The modular painting thus interferes with the architecture and interior design, as it can be adapted to the space. With fast-moving trends, the user can quickly and completely change the look of a final image by easily attaching new paintings to an existing base or even combining them if desired. Each user can create their own unique product and allows the possibility of their own creativity and therefore size.


Painting installations are made of canvas. According to the data comparison, the footprint of water is smaller in wood processing than in canvas production. Source:


The biggest challenge was to create a stable and fast attachment of paintings (tiles) to the base. The experiments included a two-component adhesive, standard pins, and magnets of varying strength in combination with a metal plate.

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